CRI-Research Report on China's Condom Industry 2011-2012

26 Aug 2018 09:36

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In this competitive and aggressive market, where every brand is working hard and recommended that you outshine other market players customer research plays a critical role in assisting brands securing their position. At the same time, it will help to achieve high returns and retain a positive brand image. A thorough customer research that is certainly conducted on service, loyalty and customer happiness can create a great difference in the business.Each connector type is defined with a product description including key mechanical and electrical performance characteristics, along with the rational for its selection. Typical applications may also be identified. A global market value and forecast to 2013 documents our growth expectations for each and every connector type.* Knowledge Transfer: The conference format has an ideal forum for assembling and disseminating focused information from skilled professionals to start with hand that one could detract and implement immediately.* Networking: Direct, personal time with industry peers, consultants and even competitors in a very collegial environment is a fantastic way to build up your network of valuable industry contacts and connections.* Strategy Development: The context-centered setting of a conference gives an outstanding setting for strategy development, idea validation and concept cross-fertilization which is invaluable and unmatched in any other forum.The market outside government procurement is owned by commercial condom market. This section of market suffers fiercer competition. There exist a lot of condom brand enterprises in China. Its number reaches over 200. Most of these enterprises tend not to produce condoms and they sell the newsday personals condoms after packing through domestic order or procurement of imported condoms in big amounts. The list price of condoms purchased from Chinese commercial condom market this season was CNY 0.50-20 per piece. In 2010, the marketplace reached the dimensions that could reach over CNY 5 billion with higher profit margin, that has been the spot of competition among enterprises.Company must appoint a group if officials who would keep a keen check on the performance levels, firstly, they must examine how other companies achieve their performance levels and understand the processes they normally use, as this is the best way to recognize the flaws present in a business, which needs to be rectified with the proper time, so it does not prove fatal inside the longer run to the corporation. In this way benchmarking the performance of the company, allows you progress in the faster rate. Along with the performance in the staff, the sales performance of the corporation must be checked up on too.

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